Relax on the beach

Watch the sun rise over the turquoise swirl of the Indian ocean coastline at dawn and turn everything brilliantly gold, as it sets again over the same ocean after a day filled with excitement, relaxation and fun. Remember your Gazebo, sun lotion and beverages so you can read your favourite book in complete bliss and catch up on that perfect island suntan while watching the kids play beach sports on the endless, wide-open, soft-white beach.


Rock Fishing

Fish from the reefs at King pools, where the reef breaks through the ocean surface at low tide. Do not be surprised when you hook a variety of Kingfish and Groupers. Remember your rock shoes.

Surf fishing

The most successful times to try your luck from the beach is at dawn, just when the sun peeks over the horizon, or late afternoon until dusk. Plugs are the best lures to choose from when the ocean is calm to catch that elusive Kingfish.

Kayak fishing

You will not find a spot in Mozambique that is better suited for kayak fishing than Park Chidenguele.

We have three reefs scattered across our shoreline, one of the reefs is a mere 100 meters away from the lodge. Launch your kayak safely, and directly in front of the lodge, at dawn, with the rest of the kayak fishermen. On the waters, a Sailfish or a Marlin may keep you busy for a while, you will surely return with a Couta or two. As bait you can use light Couta traces combined with sardines or Half beaks.

In addition, we host kayak fishing competitions from time to time, please contact the resort management if you are interested.

Jet Ski fishing

There is a safe Jet Ski launch right in front of the resort, where you can join the kayak fisherman on the reefs closer to the shoreline or venture deeper where you can join the Ski Boats.

Ski boat fishing

Deep sea fishing charters are available at neighbouring resorts, please make bookings before you arrive, especially during peak seasons, by contacting the resort management.

Our Ski boat launch site is close to the resort with easy access to the beach. Launching during low tide is preferable, it is much easier due to the reefs calming the ocean around the launch site. High tide launches are trickier but still doable for the experienced. If it is your first time, please get all the info and assistance from the resort manager.

Whale watching

Mozambique is the prime whale watching destination in Africa and Chidenguele is one of the best places to come to for this amazing experience. The accommodation in Park Chidenguele Lodge is ideally located on elevated dunes so that the deck of your self-catering chalet can give you the best view of the whales while they play directly in front of the lodge.

From June to October, watch the Southern Right and Humpback whales as they calf in the warm Mozambique Indian ocean. In addition, you can visit the Chidenguele light house (approximately 8km away) and watch the whales from above.


Get a beach driving permit for the day and enjoy one of the most exciting snorkelling experiences Mozambique has to offer. At low tide, King pools is the place to be; this is when the pools settle down and transform into a snorkelling paradise, showing-off the most amazing tropical species.

Bird Watching

With the longest Indian Ocean coastline in Africa, the intertidal flats, lowland rivers, floodplains, abundant lakes and marshes, the area is a magnet for water birds. Come and enjoy amazing birdwatching from the deck of your chalet or, for the adventurist, by venturing into the Cycad (Ferox) forest that enclose Park Chidenguele Lodge. Ask Resort Management for a birding list of the area if you need one.

Restaurant and Pub crawling

Park Chidenguele does not have its own beach bar yet, but do not stress, there are approximately ten restaurants/bars in the Chidenguele area that will welcome you with open arms and treat you like a king or queen with the most amazing Portuguese and seafood menus.