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Necessities for the trip:

This list is Compulsory to bring along and not a suggestion.

  1. Passports:
    SADC Residents – passport must be valid for at least 60 days with 2 empty pages.
    Non-SADC Residents’ passports must be valid for 6 months with 2 empty pages. Visas are required and can be obtained at the border. Always keep passports of Mozambique notarized copy with you.
  2. Unabridged Birth Certificates (UBC):
    All minors into or out of RSA require a Passport and Unabridged Birth Certificate (with details of both parents). If UBC is not received in time, request an Annexure A letter. Do not forget valid passports.
  3. Car Registration and Ownership Documents:
    If vehicle is still under finance you must get a letter of permission to cross the border. Make a copy of your original car registration papers and bring both. Make sure your licence disc has not expired.
  4. Letter from your insurance company confirming cross-border insurance.
  5. Completed & signed Temporary Import permit (at the border).
  6. RSA & SADC Driver’s Licence: Allowed.
    For non-RSA and SADC citizens, you will require an international drivers’ licence. You should also make a copy of your driver licence
  7. Compulsory 3rd Party Insurance
    There is an optional Legal and Roadside Assist available online at or at the border and other travel shops.
  8. 2 x Triangles
  9. 2 x Reflective Vests
    (yellow or green) for front passengers
  10. Black and White ZA Sticker
    (on rear of vehicle, must be visible when towing)
  11. Vehicles Towing
    must have a blue and yellow triangular sticker on the vehicle as well as any object in tow. Vehicle – front right bumper. Towing object – rear.
  12. Fire Extinguishers
    In any case always a good thing to have.

How to manage yourself if stopped by a traffic police officer

Download and print a few copies of this form. Keep it with you.

  • Differentiate between traffic police that are dressed in white shirts and blue trousers and police men usually dressed in grey or green – they are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses.
  • Greet the officer politely, never be rude.
  • Wait for him to ask what he wants and check if he is wearing his badge before showing your identification (no badge then no questions or a fine): Go through the motions of showing your license and so on (you do not have to hand it over): If you are guilty of an offence first apologise.
  • If he does not ‘forgive’ you then insist on a receipt – the actual fine is mostly cheaper than the bribe: Keep the receipt and show it to your host at Park Chidenguele lodge. If you paid a fine and the officer does not give you a receipt, insist on a receipt, or ask for your money back – do not give up and leave.
    Tell him you will report him at ASINHOS or at the next police station.
  • If you handed over your papers and they are not returned and you are being harassed or threatened, phone (ASINHOS) (+258) 823 969 890
  • Do not be scared or intimidated but do not get aggressive.
  • Pay the fine, insist on a receipt and help stamp out bribery and corruption.
  • If you require advice regarding an accident please contact your insurance company, resort destination or the Gaza Tourism Association
    (ASINHOS) (+258) 823 969 890

Checklist of necessary items:

Portable router, buy a sim card with lots of data at the border and ensure they register and activate the sim card on your passport details
Beach Chairs, cooler box and boogie boards is a must
Do not bring beer, Mozambique boasts the most amazing local beers including 2M, Laurentina and Manica
Bath- and beach towels
Self-catering groceries and personal items, specifically meat and luxury items
Playing cards and boardgame is a must for the kids, just in case of rainy days when you will be confined to your chalet or a restaurant
Firelighters and a lighter for your gas stove
Dishwashing liquid, dishcloths and sponges
Table cloths
Sunblock, Malaria tablets and Mosquito repellent spray
Rock shoes/flip flops (warning: sand can become extremely hot)
Snorkelling gear
Camera and equipment
Battery operated light or torch
Gazebo, Beach umbrellas
Medical aid kit
2 Point plugs for chargers Park Chidenguele uses standard SA electrical plug points

Where can I buy essentials:

You can buy anything in Mozambique with retailers such as Shoprite and Save-rite if you are willing to travel to Xai Xai and waste precious beach time. Luckily you can get the basics including alcohol, cold drinks and the most amazing bread rolls (Pao) at the local shop, Txotxoloza, between the town of Chidenguele and the lodge, or at the village market in Chidenguele.

Petrol and Diesel is available on our doorstep just outside Chidenguele and the filling station also boasts a convenience store with a pharmacy just across the street.

Other info:

Debit and credit cards work almost everywhere at formal shops, restaurants and bars.

Local currency should be arranged before your trip. Do not exchange on the border from informal entrepreneurs, but if you have to change in Komatipoort, the ladies at the fuel stations are quite reliable.

You can get your vehicle insurance at the border from a recognized merchant like Hollard Insurance, they do have formal representatives at the border. There are also insurance agents at the fuel stations in Komatipoort.

Do not make use of a “Runner” at the border, they will extort lots of cash from you. They tend to dress like an official with reflecting clothes and will start harassing you as you enter the border post at the Mozambican side, just ignore them.